Growing up

Much brighter, that’s how things seemed back in the good old days. Our dreams resembled an endless river, and when it came to our hopes and expectations; they were so high that it seemed as if one day they would reach the pale blue skies. They tried to shut the window that would lead to the valley of the dreams, but not completely, for they allowed a few warm rays of hope and sunshine to kiss the surface of our skin and the depth of our soul. Saying that we were powerless, for we were so young wouldn’t extinguish our fire, for they had taught us earlier that power was gained by the passing of time. So, we had to wait. We had to bloom, for we were still seedlings. We had to grow up.

As a lot of time passed and as we started understanding a few more things, we thought that we were on the right path and so, we kept looking and walking forward, we got ahead of ourselves, not listening to anyone, for the beats of our hearts when we thought of accomplishments were louder than their voices. We started thinking we knew everything, when in fact we couldn’t really distinguish the good from the bad and the real from the fake. Our aspirations seemed a step away, but little did we know that it was a gigantic one, which we couldn’t reach as easily as we thought at first.

Challenges started arising, one after the other, just like tidal waves, ready to drown us into the despair that life offered. We watched as our efforts burnt to ashes, tearing a piece of our heart in the process. We witnessed masks being torn from angelic faces, revealing the true colors of the demons that lurked on the earth, them being the shoulder that we were supposed to cry on. We watched the things and the people we genuinely loved, slowly being taken away from us. In the end we watched the waves drown us and, being powerless as they called us, we accepted our fate.

Realization is what follows despair.  Realization is what hits you hard once you have been engulfed by the cold waters of the current.  Yes, we realized that we hadn’t really grown up and that we had totally misunderstood it as a concept. Realization isn’t always followed with another chance, but I guess we were lucky.

Another chance meant a new approach to the way we viewed everything. This time we were determined to truly grow up. We started working harder, doubling our efforts, just so we could close the gap that separated us from our so beloved aspirations. We kept thinking about the people who played us, trying to find any logical explanation as to why would they do such a thing; we kept justifying their actions. Getting a new haircut, changing our wardrobe into darker colors, reading books that the grownups would and drinking a cup of coffee each morning made it seem more believable to us, that, we were truly changing.

What’s sad is that we failed to see where the faults lied and so, everything kept happening once again. Giving up on our hopes and dreams, realizing that this was the way life truly was and there were things that weren’t meant to be, no matter how hard we tried; accepting the fact that people were meant to be a mixture of good and bad instead of trying to understand their motives and opening our eyes for the first time, were what made us grow up, even though we didn’t mean to, this time we bloomed.


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