A common play

Dressed in an armor made of delusions and ideals, you walk towards the gigantic stage, as fearless as the gods whom are said to lay above and as fierce as the wintery winds, impatiently ready to present your self-manufactured character in front of the very hungry eyes of a massive audience. The much anticipated moment comes, the dazzling spotlight falls not on you only, but also on thousands of other people whom posses different self-fabricated characters, everyone playing their parts based on invisible acts, for the pages of the script seem blank to the eyes of yours, my mortal friends, the audience going wild as the actors slowly go mad.

There you are, standing in your own self magnificence, surrounded by people who seem to appreciate your character’s existence.  A hero, that’s what you’ve tried to built, a hero is what your character seems.

As they fall, you help them rise again. Of when they cower in fear, you wear the bravery as your favorite armor, determined to fight and protect the others.  Of when the walls of their sanity crumble, you help building them again. As a heart breaks, you are there to fix it. Frowns are turned into smiles. Wounds are stitched and healed. Thoughts have been listened to and feelings have been appreciated.  The oppressed have gotten the justice that was denied to them. Everyone seems happy and content in your presence, everyone but you.

As you fall, is there anyone out there to help you rise again? Of when you are left vulnerable, is anyone there by your side? Has anyone ever fixed your broken heart? Has anyone ever stitched your wounds?

No, for a hero is what you’ve tried to build, a hero is what your character seems. There you are, standing in your own self detestation, surrounded by people who seem to appreciate your character’s existence, except you.

Somehow, during the play everyone ends up loathing their characters, so it’s okay. Even though life resembles a play, your surroundings a stage, the nonexistent gods an audience, you shouldn’t be wasting your time by manufacturing characters, but rather help building the person you truly are, but now, as the audience has gotten out hand from excitement, it’s too late, so be prepared to lose yourself, be prepared to always be your fabricated character, brace yourself to truly lose your sanity.


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